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IMP – Innovative Medical Partners

IMP was created to meet a need for technical & practical innovation in the medical field. Supported by a strong network of various partners , specialists in their field and associates with more than 20 years of medical experience, IMP is developing with the philosophy of innovation and has for its main objective meeting the needs of practitioners in the field.

Create a link
between patients
& hospitals


IMP’s objective is to free the practitioners from organisational difficulties to allow them to concentrate on their tasks and improve the quality of their intervention. Medical practitioners have a heavy responsability. Patients are often stressed and worried. Improving working conditions of medical practitioners means improving the conditions of patients’ care, reducing their stress and anxiety while improving as well the image of the medical profession.


In the case of an accident or during hospitalisation, it is indispensible to respect health and safety rules. When a patient is sick , has an accident or goes to hospital for tests, these rules are particulary important. They determine the treatment, therefore the patient’s health and the medical staff well-being. IMP has developed systems allowing the respect of health & safety rules so as to improve constantly patient’s care.

security &
mobile units


In the course of their intervention, the emergency services have to adapt themselves to the given environmental conditions in order to improvise, in the best of cases, a suitable response. The tools are not very well adapted and so are not facilitating the intervention. IMP aims to improve the efficiency of the emergency services by providing technical and practical tools, devised with and for the practitioners. Innovations intended to improve the working conditions of firemen, EMS professionals and military personnel on specials operations etc.